Freezers features

Frozen correctly

Life on the fast lane and the wish for the best food at any time require much more from an upright or chest freezer than providing space with low temperatures. Gorenje can help out with this. Smart technology in Gorenje upright and chest freezers will make sure the microcrystals formed during the freezing process will not damage the cells in the food. As a result, it will retain its vitamins, minerals, and – most importantly – its flavour. Thus, strawberries picked in the summer will taste just as sweet in the winter, and the ready-made lunch will, although frozen, wait for when you need it in the best shape. The interior is thoughtfully designed to allow neat storage of larger amounts of food.

Perfect care

Storing frozen food

Recommended storage time in the freezer
Storage time for frozen food depends on the composition of the food, quality, expiration date, etc. High fat content in particular will shorten the maximum storage time. Thus, lean meat may be kept in the freezer for up to 12 months, while fatty meat will only keep 4 to 6 months. Food should be stored in tightly sealed containers or appropriate packaging.

Smart solutions


No more tedious defrosting
Intensive circulation of cool air eliminates moisture from the upright freezer. This prevents the accumulation of frost on the food and ice on interior walls and keeps power consumption low. As a result, the usage of the storage capacity is optimal, and defrosting and cleaning of the interior are no longer necessary. Packages or pieces of frozen food will not stick to each other, keeping your food in the freezer neat and tidy.
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Less ice, fewer problems
Improved insulation effectively reduces the accumulation of frost on the food and ice in the appliance interior. This means less tedious defrosting and a lower electricity bill.
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„FastFreeze” funkcija

Ātrāka sasaldēšana
Ātrākas sasaldēšanas funkcija, ideāla pēc apjomīgas iepirkšanās. Lieliski noder, lai sasaldētu lielu ēdiena daudzumu. Pēc aktivizēšanas tā darbojas 50 stundas un uztur -24 °C temperatūru.
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Top energy efficiency
Improved cooling system provides excellent conditions for attaining the top energy classes. Chest freezers with the A++ energy efficiency rating use 40% less power than those in the A class.

Simple to use

Izvelkama SpaceBox atvilktne

Šī īpašā saldētavas izvelkamā atvilktne pārsteigs jūs ar savu ārkārtīgi lielo ietilpību un izcilu pieejamību sasaldētajiem produktiem. Parocīgās teleskopiskās izbīdāmās sliedes ļauj viegli izvilkt atvilkni, vienlaikus arī pasargājot to no izkrišanas.
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Comfort guaranteed
Thoughtfully placed light in the chest freezer lid will provide a clear view, and the movable baskets allow easy access to your frozen food. The massive heavy-duty spring-loaded metal hinge will keep the cover partly or fully open so you don't have to hold it with your hand. Advanced solution that equalizes the pressure to prevent vacuum after the lid is closed allows you to open the chest again immediately after you have closed it.
_products/features/icon - Control and safety

Control and safety

Control unit of the mechanical freezer chest
Mechanical control unit is located at the lower front side of the freezer chest. Temperature settings knob and FastFreeze function on/off key are complemented by two signal lights and a high temperature alarm light.