IT64ASC Indukcijas virsma

Indukcijas virsma IT64ASC

Indukcijas virsma Izmēri (AxPxDz): 59 × 6 × 52 cm PowerBoost


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Induction hobs

Fast and economical
Induction hobs heat up twice as fast as gas cookers, which makes them comparatively more economical and safe. An induction hob only heats the bottom of the pan while the remaining hob surface stays cool and always safe to touch. Temperature is adjusted instantly, by a simple touch, limiting the danger of boiling over. With such a hob melted chocolate, sophisticated sauces and other temperature-sensitive masterpieces become just a simple task.
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The kitchen as a safe environment
ChildLock option is excellent for those who have children at home. Leaving them in a kitchen unauthorized has never been safer, since this option prevents them from resetting any parameters.
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Somebody always on the watch
The countdown timer can be set for up to 99 minutes. If the optimum cooking time for a particular dish is known from experience, the timer can be set and the hob will switch off automatically when completed. A beep will signal that the food is ready.

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4 indukcijas vārīšanas zonas
Priekšpusē pa kreisi: Ø 18 cm, 1.2/1.5 kW,
Priekšpusē pa labi: Ø 18 cm, 1.2/1.5 kW,
Aizmugurē pa kreisi: Ø 18 cm, 1.5/2 kW,
Aizmugurē pa labi: Ø 18 cm, 1.5/2 kW

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Izmēri (AxPxDz): 59 × 6 × 52 cm

Iesaiņojuma izmēri (PxAxDz): 69 × 11,5 × 64,5 cm

Iebūvēšanas izmēri (PxAxDz): 56,4 × 5 × 49,4 cm

Neto svars: 9,6 kg

Bruto svars: 11,6 kg

Pieslēgtā jauda: 7.000 W maks.

produkta kods: 736063

EAN kods: 3838782412202

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